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In-store Hours Tues-Sat 10am - 5pm, Sun Noon - 5pm
art•fem•er•a Heartbeat Series by Jessica Ramey

art•fem•er•a Heartbeat Series by Jessica Ramey

Heartbeat series by Jessica Ramey. Monoprints on poplar blocks

The Heartbeat series was created by Jessica Ramey in early 2023. This series explores the power and beauty of our lifeblood. The monoprints visualize the push and pull of our oxygen-rich and oxygen-depleting actions. Powerful rhythmic forces that drive us to connect, retreat, and eventually flourish.  

Each monoprint block is added to the artfemera, art vending machine and is located at Art Department. 


Support female artists. We upcycled a sanitary napkin machine to create an art dispenser that "Supports Female Artists Period!" It will be filled with female-created artwork and support female-powered projects. art•fem•er•a can be found at the Art Department during normal store hours. Patrons of this project can purchase a token at the register for $10 and redeem their original, female-created artwork through the machine.

All profits go to woman-identifing artists and female-powered community art projects. 

artfemera, art vending machine to support female artists period

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