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In-store Hours Tues-Sat 10am - 5pm, Sun Noon - 5pm, Online Open All of the Time
In-store Hours Tues-Sat 10am - 5pm, Sun Noon - 5pm
Art Rumble text and logo starburst over a colorful painting

Art Rumble

Saturday, May 21 | 7pm - 9pm
Art Department | Concrete Gallery

Join us for the first-ever Art Rumble! Challengers will battle it out to create an art masterpiece in 20 minutes. Cheer on and vote for your favorite during the event. Winners of the two painting rounds will move on to the final round to see who will be awarded Art Rumble Champion. Bid on artwork at the event and online so you can be an art champion too! 

American Easel, LLC Salem Oregon
Sponsored by American Easel, the Salem, Oregon manufacturer and seller of wooden artist, studio, display easels and wooden painting panels

Spring 2022 Participants

Lauren Cooney Salem Oregon
Lauren Cooney

Lauren Cooney is a local artist who specializes in painting, printmaking, and digital illustration. Though Lauren has lived in Salem for the last decade, she spent most of her life in Alaska where she cultivated a love for nature, especially birds. Lauren's work is influenced by Alutiiq masks and carvings as well as artists like Charley Harper, Kenojuak Ashevak, and children's book illustrators Eric Carle and Leo Leoni. Though art has also been a source of joy for Lauren, the pandemic really inspired her to create art that would be a source of joy and brightness for others.

Lucy Hewitt, Salem Oregon
Lucy Hewitt

Lucy Hewitt is a retired art teacher who has lived in Salem her entire life. She spends most of her time working on her own art projects and is grateful to be involved in Salem's thriving community of fellow artists. Her art interests are drawing, painting, mixed media, and art history.

Natalie, Salem Oregon
Natalie Laswell

Natalie Laswell is a recent MFA graduate from PNCA, and lives and works in Independence, Oregon. Her most recent work mixes dreams and memories with still life elements and nature.

Justin Lavery, Salem Oregon
Justin Lavery

Justin Lavery is a Salem based artist, who's main focus is to learn and grow, using art as an outlet for emotion. Justin primarily works with oil paint, and often switches between multiple media types for new perspectives. Justin’s work can be seen on instagram @justinotherartist, and has regularly displayed and sold pieces at Salem On The Edge and now at Ernie & Gray.

Jane Malone, Salem Oregon
Jane Malone

Jane Malone is a local Salem, Oregon artist. She specializes in digital art, event design, and full-saturation, ROYGBIV, acrylic nonsense. You can see her work at the Halicuna Bay Mall on Commercial Street, under the purple tent at the Salem Saturday Market from May-September, and on

Maricela Xuncax Lazo, Salem Oregon
Maricela Xuncax Lazo

Maricela (she/her/ella) is a latine multimedia-artist and a full-time teacher, based in Salem, Oregon. Her artwork consists of themes such as embracing/reclaiming one's history and cultures, and are nods to her Mexican Guatemalan American identity. It is also often characterized by her use of bright color palettes, intertwined with florals.

Graham Toms, Salem Oregon
Graham Toms

Graham Toms works at CTEC as a lead Instructor for Animation, concept Game and Video design. He still continues to work on Film, which involves reverse engineering 16th century painters. With his free time he is developing an anthology illustrated with paintings and drawings about an apocalyptic inhabited by replicas. He jokes, “It is really cute and fluffy, I promise!”
You can view more of his work on his website and follow him on facebook.

Rachel Wood, Salem Oregon
Rachel Wood

Rachel Wood is a local Salem artist whose abstract acrylic paintings focus on creating poignant emotional experiences. She also has a passion for the ocean and donates a portion of all her sales profits to ocean conservation efforts. Rachel has a minor in Art from Concordia University and has been painting professionally since 2020.

Art Rumble, Salem Oregon 2022

Lauren Cooney, Salem Oregon Art Rumble

Lucy Hewitt at the Art Rumble in Salem Oregon


Natalie Laswell at the Art Department Salem Oregon

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