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In-store Hours Tues-Sat 10am - 5pm, Sun Noon - 5pm
Las Flores Fueron Mi Primer Amor

Las Flores Fueron Mi Primer Amor

Installation: Dec 13 - Dec 26

This is an homage to the flowers my father planted through the years, a celebration of his working hands.

The idea of mending to your own garden, giving it your full attention and dedication is beautiful... It's a celebration of life. Often when I think about my own family, I associate their love and care with flowers. For my parents, moving to the U.S. was terrifying, it was lonely and filled with challenges and barriers. When it came to their home, they did everything possible to make it feel warm, inviting, full of color and life. I remember long summer nights, stepping outside into the garden, seeing my father’s face filled with so much pride and consolation as he worked away endless hours carefully watering each plant. I would close my eyes and feel an overwhelming sense of bliss and ecstasy, as if the flowers themselves were embracing me with their delicate petals. I feel immense gratitude that despite being away from our home country, nature has welcomed us with open arms. For my family and I, both in times of hardship and joy, the presence of flowers has given us a sense of home, comfort and hope. I would like to transmit those same feelings to others through my art practice.

-Stephanie Juanillo

Stephanie Juanillo Stephanie Juanillo 

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