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In-store Hours Tues-Sat 10am - 5pm, Sun Noon - 5pm
5 Ways we Make Everyday Earth Day!

5 Ways we Make Everyday Earth Day!


Art Department, Sustainable art supply store

We use Energy efficient fluorescents. They produce nearly as much light as the standard fluorescent lamp while using less energy. And we’ve replaced burned-out lights with LEDs.
Art Department Hand towels Reuse


We Choose to Reuse whenever possible. This includes using and laundering towels and rags for our staff and guests to dry their hands and clean with. We reuse packaging materials and reusable dishware. If we have displays that are no longer needed or items to share, we have a sharing table at the front of the store for customers and a sharing table for staff as well.

100 percent recycled paper


We use 100% recycled paper (purchased locally). We also reduce our paper waste by using paperless cloud technology for invoices and to communications. 

Tulips picked from home

We love making little bouquets next to our registers from the flowers that Jessica grows in her pesticide-free home garden. 

Box Recycling in Car


 Recycling- We recycle everything we can. We utilize our curbside recycling bin and take plastic film and cardboard boxes to their proper locations on our days off.
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