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In-store Hours Tues-Sat 10am - 5pm, Sun Noon - 5pm
Norah Steed September Solo Show

Norah Steed September Solo Show

September 2 | Reception, First Friday 5-8pm
Sept 1-22 | Show 

Norah Steed's solo show is full of creative wonder. Her work is colorful, playful, yet has an edge that is thought-provoking and deeply emotional. Come see her pieces close-up to reveal the layered narratives. 

Norah Steed has been creating her whole life, but with the COVID-19  pandemic and subsequent lock-downs, she was able to turn to art full time, exploring new mediums and motifs and developing a unique, recognizable style. Employing a mixture of bright colors, bold lines, and found objects, Norah explores the relationship between environment and self. Her own environmental influences (including music, religion, and mid-century dystopian fiction) can be read in her work through themes such as control, freedom, power, and the feeling you're being watched. Fascinated by the malleability of identity, Norah sees art as a way to unravel the forces acting upon her and build an identity independent of external input or approval. 

Norah Steed lives in Monmouth, Oregon and can be contacted at
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