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In-store Hours Tues-Sat 10am - 5pm, Sun Noon - 5pm

Loose Watercolor for Beginners with Claire Diehl

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Sunday, April 21 | 1-4pm
Taught by Claire Diehl

Ages 16+
Class FAQs/Cancelation Policy

Loose watercolor painting is a creative and expressive style of painting that lets your inner child out to play. Whether you're new to watercolor, or just want to loosen up, this class will increase your comfort and skill level with key techniques and materials in loose watercolor painting. Through a combination of in-class demonstrations, information sharing, and painting exercises this class will build your confidence and skills. We will round out the class with guided instruction on painting at least one complete loose landscape based on the photo references provided.

Supply List

Note: All regular-priced supplies are available at 20% off from Art Department for this class. 

Watercolor supplies are an upfront investment. The brushes and paint last a long time, so don’t be daunted by the cost. Buy the best you can afford. Definitely invest in professional quality paints such as Windsor and Newton, M. Graham or Daniel Smith brands. The small 5 ml Windsor and Newton size is perfect if you currently own no paints. The best watercolor paper is 100% cotton 140 lb cold press. The 100% cotton matters more than the brand. See the list below for specific paint colors and supplies. If you already own watercolor supplies and know what works for you, bring what you like, and similar colors to what’s listed below.
(If you have a restricted budget, you could buy the three primaries for this class consisting of: cobalt blue, the Pyrrol Scarlet (or Alizarin Crimson), and the raw sienna.)

Paper: Block or pad of 100% cotton cold press 140lb 9x12 OR a decent practice paper pad like Fabriano Studio Watercolor Cold Press 25% cotton 9x12. A third option is to buy 1 big sheet of 100% cotton cold press and cut it into 6 sheets 10x11 sheets. 

Board to tape paper down if you have a pad or loose paper
White artist's tape to tape down paper if you have a pad or loose paper
Brushes (Good, Better (Neptune, Winsor & Netwon), Best)
      1” flat brush
      1 small round brush (in size 2-6)
      1 larger round brush (in size 12-14)
Palette with mixing space
2 containers for water (pint or larger);
Paper towels; Kleenex; Small rag to wipe brush on
Apron in case you’re messy

    Reference Photos: A, B

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