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Ben Nye Effects Gel Wound Kit, Three 1fl, oz Bottles

by Ben Nye
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Blood, Scar and Flesh Gels create blisters, lacerations, scars and more.

Wounds may be pre-made on a smooth surface (mirror or stainless steel palette) and applied when needed. Detailed instructions included. Expect 30-50 applications per ounce.


Heat capped bottles in hot water (a one-piece 2 qt. crock pot or double boiler works well) until Gels are liquefied to a free flowing consistency. After each application, return tightly capped bottles to hot water to keep Gels liquefied throughout makeup session. For most applications, Flesh Gel and Scar Gel may be interchanged.

General Directions:

  1. Apply Gels to clean, dry skin directly from pour spout or using a brush, silicone tool, or orange stick. Rinse brushes and tools in warm water between applications to keep clean.
  2. Shape and form Gel with brush or tool as it thickens and cools. Blend outer edges of cooling Gel to skin for authentic appearing wounds. A moistened cotton swab helps to thin and smooth edges.
  3. As Gel begins to set, lightly apply translucent face powder to neutralize shine. Blot excess powder with damp sponge.
  4. Several thin layers of Gel are recommended for most effective "build-ups".
  5. Clean off unnecessary Gel with moistened cotton swab. Apply foundation to skin and wound area as desired.


Gently peel Gel wounds from skin. Wash skin with soap and warm water. Wash brushes and tools in warm soapy water. Bottled Gels will return to a solid form when cooled and should be stored tightly capped. Do not reuse wounds.

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