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Kuretake Watercolor Palette Graphite Colors

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This lovely, muted set of graphite watercolors is Kuretake's latest addition to their popular Gansai Tambi watercolor selection. Like other Gansai colors, these graphite-infused paints are semi-opaque, capable of thick layering and sharp lines when used straight from the pan. When diluted, Gansai become more transparent and can be used for washes.

The Graphite Colors set is new for 2022, and we think it adds something really special to the longstanding Gansai Tambi line. Because the pigments are mixed with graphite, the colors are desaturated, which makes this set perfect for muted backgrounds and moody, low-contrast scenes. Paintings made with Graphite Colors instantly have that vintage look, which makes them a nice choice for traditional portrait and landscape sketching.

All six colors are lightfast and dry to a satin finish. To bring out the graphite sheen even more, apply Graphite Colors thickly, allow to dry, and buff gently with your fingers or a chamois. (Don't worry; they're non-toxic.) You'll see a subtle metallic surface develop, especially in areas with more paint.

Lightfast, non-toxic, and safe for archival use.

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