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Free curbside or in-store pickup.

Gamblin Fastmatte Oil Paint 37ML

by Gamblin
Original price $11.00
Current price $8.25

Revolutionary Matte Alkyd Oils Perfect For Under Painting And More! Gamblin has developed FastMatte Alkyd Oil Colors specifically with the needs of the artist in mind. The alkyd resin binder lets FastMatte colors dry quickly but thoroughly, allowing multiple layers to be built up without disturbing previous ones. The range of 24 colors have superior mixing capabilities and are loaded with pigment for excellent coverage, while the semi-transparent nature of many of the pigments still allows for glazing and multi-tonal techniques. It is the matte surface, however, that makes Gamblin FastMatte colors so revolutionary: when used as an underpainting layer, the matte surface of the alkyd colors provides a mild tooth similar to that of ground, ensuring the proper adhesion of further oil layers.