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In-store Hours Tues-Sat 10am - 5pm, Sun Noon - 5pm

Letting Loose with Watercolors with Claire Diehl

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Sunday, August 11, 2024 | 1:30-3:30 pm
Taught by Claire Diehl
Ages 16+
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In this class, we will focus on the creative chaos that happens with wet-in-wet watercolor. This foundational technique is tricky to master, so we will be doing plenty of practice on our way to completing a loose, semi-abstract watercolor flower painting. Whether you’re a beginner, or just want to loosen up, this class will be a fun exploration of the wet-in-wet technique.

Supply List

Note: All regular-priced supplies are available at 20% off from Art Department for this class. 

100% cotton, cold press watercolor paper (block, pad, or loose sheets) handles wet-in-wet most easily, but great effects can be still be found with good quality practice paper. A cold press pad or block of Canson or Fabriano practice paper will work great (i.e. not 100% cotton). Aim for 9x12 size or thereabouts. If you already own a 100% cotton cold press pad or block, that will be ideal for your final painting. Another option is to buy 1 big sheet of 100% cotton cold press and cut it into 6 sheets 10x11 sheets. 

Make sure you bring student or artist-grade paints (Windsor Newton, M Graham, and Daniel Smith), either tubes or pan sets. No cheap sets from big box stores please. You will be disappointed in the results. The colors I used for the demo painting are: Ultramarine Blue, Hansa Yellow, Cadmium Orange, Permanent Rose, and a white gouache.

Alternate shades that will give similar results are Cobalt Blue, Lemon Yellow or Hansa Yellow light, Pyrrol Scarlet, and Quinacridone Rose. If you want to go in a different color direction for your painting, bring what colors you want. You are the artist!

All you’ll need is one size 12 or 14 round watercolor brush. (Good, Better (Neptune, Winsor & Netwon), Best)

Other supplies
White artist's tape to tape down paper if you have a pad or loose paper
2 containers for water (quart size are great)
Paper towels
Palette with mixing space
Apron if you want to protect your clothes (though watercolor is washable)

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