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Open for Online, Curbside, and In-store shopping Tues-Sun 10am - 5pm

Previously Recorded, Watercolor Basics & Beyond with Becki Hesedahl

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Do you want to learn or continue learning in watercolor? In this class you will learn the basics of transparent watercolor and have fun doing it! We will discuss various pigments (colors), papers, and supplies. You will learn the techniques used by transparent watercolorists to create those amazing, glowing paintings.

This one-hour online class will lead you step-by-step from the beginning of your painting to the completion of a painting each week. The first 40 minutes of class will include demos and instruction and some homework assignments. The last 20 minutes of class will be for questions, discussion and lots of encouragement! We will have a new painting subject in each of the six weeks.

In addition to the regular weekly Tuesday class, a separate help session or Q&A will be scheduled a few days after the class on Zoom. This one-hour session is optional and included with the class. It is a chance to ask questions about the assignment, share your work and give and receive encouragement with others in the class. This will be a live Zoom group.

This class is for those with little or no experience using watercolors but if you are more experienced and want a fun refresher you are welcome too! We will work with new projects and continue the learning for those who have taken the class previously. Basic drawing experience is helpful but not necessary.

Previously Recorded 
6 classes, videos links
Taught by Becki Hesedahl
Class FAQs

Supply list — Always buy the best you can afford!

If you have watercolor supplies bring your usual and favorite supplies — paint, paper, brushes, water containers, rags or paper towels, etc. Also drawing pencils and erasers. Call if you have questions. You will need your supplies for the first class.

The Art Department carries several excellent brands of watercolor paint. Please do not buy sets of paint at a craft store with tubes of white in them. Those paints will not give you good results. My three favorite brands carried by the Art Department are Daniel Smith, Winsor and Newton, and M. Graham.

These are what I would like you to have:

Cool primaries: Tend toward blue tones Permanent Alizarin Crimson, Ultramarine Blue, Azo Yellow (Aurelian)

Warm Primaries: Tend toward red/yellow tones Thalo Red, Thalo Blue (green shade)

Daniel Smith – New Gamboge OR Daniel Smith Watercolor Essentials Set. If you are a beginner and not sure you will continue painting after the class is over, this economical set is available at the Art Department. These are slightly different colors and smaller tubes but the set includes three warm and three cool primaries that will work very well. Watercolor lasts a very long time. (Different companies call their pigments by different names. If you have questions about a color ask the Art Dept staff for help.) After you have these basics if you fall in love with another color and can afford it feel free to buy it! You will find the colors are addicting! If you already have paint bring what you have.
Paper may be the most important investment you make when you begin painting in watercolor. You want well-sized, acid-free paper. The basic watercolor paper is 100% acid-free cotton rag. You can apply the paint with any tool and get results and some inexpensive paints will give you reasonable results. But if you use cheap paper the paint won’t work well. This includes the inexpensive pads of paper from the craft stores. Please invest in good paper or you won’t be happy with your painting or with your watercolor experience.
Paper Sheets
At least six (6) pieces preferably at least 11x14 inches. The Art Department carries 100% cotton full sheets (22x30) in Fabriano cold pressed 140# and Arches cold pressed 140#. (Do not get the full sheets of Fluid watercolor paper — it is not made of cotton; however, some of the Fluid blocks are.) If you buy full sheets ask staff at the Art Department to cut into quarters for you. One sheet will equal four 11x15 sheets.
Pads and blocks
Arches has excellent blocks – buy at least 11x14 size or the Fluid 100% cotton blocks. Just be sure to get 100% rag paper of at least 140# weight. If you can’t the 11x14 sizes 9x12 will do. No smaller if possible.

You will need three brushes: One ¾” or 1” flat watercolor brush. One size 10 round and one size 6 round. Be sure to buy watercolor brushes not oil or acrylic. Those use different bristles that carry less water. Watercolor brushes should have a nice fine point to them. Check with store staff if you need help. Synthetics are great. I like the Royal Soft grips and have used them a lot. Connoisseur, Princeton & Co and Winsor and Newton synthetics are also good depending what the store has in stock.

The Art Department carries an assortment of palettes priced from a couple of dollars up to $20+. You will need a palette with at least eight wells. Watercolors can dry and be reconstituted. You don’t need to wash the palette after you are finished painting – that just wastes paint.

Additional supplies
  • Two containers for water, one for clean water and one for rinsing brushes
  • Paper towels/cotton rags
  • HB pencil
  • White eraser
  • Drawing board or gator board to tape painting to