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In-store Hours Tues-Sat 10am - 5pm, Sun Noon - 5pm

Swing Cool Sets, 4-Color Pastel Wallet Set 2

by Stabilo
Original price $8.50 - Original price $17.00
Original price
$8.50 - $17.00
Current price $8.50
These flat, pocket-sized highlighters feature a glossy and striped look and a non-slip, matte-finish grip zone. The fluorescent and pastel, water-based inks are ideal for paper, copies and faxes.

The 4-Color Pastel Wallet Set 2 includes mellow coral red, cherry blossom pink, cloudy blue and dash of lime.
The 8-Color Pastel Wallet Set includes milky yellow, touch of turquoise, mellow coral red, pink blush, lilac haze, hint of mint, cloudy blue, dash of lime.