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Gifting a Class
This holiday season, consider giving someone the opportunity to be creative. A class is truly a gift of happiness that keeps on giving. Plus you can feel good that you are supporting the artist/teachers instructing the classes, as well as your local family owned art supply store. There are plenty of classes to choose from and more will be added as they are scheduled.Click on the picture to see the NEW class schedule. Call the store to register: 503-364-7465

Click here to sign up for our maillist. Receive monthly info on new classes, products, events, sales and coupons!


Wear something RED!
Bring your friends and start your Art Walk at Art Department. We are art location #6 and we have 10 amazing pieces of art! Come meet the artists, have a bit of refreshment, pick up a map and go. All work is for sale and will be on display through December.


Department of Silly
We've done it again, stocked up our silly section with tons of crazy, dorky, absurd, and naughty items to make you smile. Perfect for stocking stuffers, white elephant, gag gifts, or just some plain old silly business. Don't forget the Department of Silly for some hilarious fun this season.

Everybody loves a Gift Certificate! Especially from Art Department. We are often referred to as "my candy store". People love the experience of perusing the aisles thinking about the many creative possibilities. We write them up for any denomination.

Marabu easy marble
Discover this fascinating technique for beautiful effects! The Marabu easy marble Starter Set offers 6 basic colours in 15 ml jars and instructions for the marble effect technique. Pick up some paper mache ball and star ornaments at the store, then drip, dip & done! Quick-drying. For creating immersion marble effects on plastic, glass, acrylic plastic, wood, papier mch, blown eggs, metal, polystyrene and for marble effects on paper. See samples at the store. Click on the picture above to watch the How to video!

Paper Mache Animals $2.99 ea.
Pick your favorite animals and paint, collage, draw or wax. Twenty to choose from and fun for all ages! Decorate and give as gifts. Better yet, give them with the supplies to create their own animal personalities.


Art Department Sketchbooks!
These sketchbooks come with 100 sheets of acid free, 60 pound paper, at an affordable everyday price.

Buy 3 Get 1 Free
Discover the versatility of GOLDEN High Flow Acrylics
Incredibly versatile! GOLDEN High Flow Acrylics are thin enough to go directly from the bottle into an airbrush, refillable marker or dip pen and work great for drawing, staining, dripping, pouring and color washes. Experience the versatility of High Flow and get a FREE 1 oz. High Flow Carbon Black when you purchase any three 1 oz. High Flow Colors, while supplies last. Click on the image above to see a great video!


20% OFF SolarFast Dyes & Supplies

Watch the video here to see everything you can do with Solarfast. Using the power of the sun, create photographic or free form images on paper or natural fabrics. In 10 - 20 minutes you can create your own unique sunprint

Buy three 2 oz. OPEN Acrylics, get a 5 oz. OPEN Titanium White FREE!
(one per household, while supplies last)
The extended drying time of OPEN Acrylics make them perfect for blending, glazing, monoprinting, plein air painting, and a host of other techniques.

30% Off Daniel Smith Watercolors
Plus we've doubled our color selection!


Decorative Papers
We just got in new papers! Pictured are a few of the amazing selection of colored, textured, and patterned papers we carry! Here are some of the things you can do with them: Collage, book arts, lamp shades, lanterns, privacy for windows, screens, gift wrap, candle covers, mixed media, unique stationery, cover a gourd, paper beads, tribal rattle, frame it, hanging paper quilt, cover a wood chair, create cards, cover a vase, origami, placemats, napkin rings......
Check out the new Amate papers on the right, they make great stencils for irregular spots of paint in abstracts!

NEW! 40% OFF L'Aquarelle CANSON Heritage 22 x30 Open Sheet Stock is here!
Click on the picture to the left to see a video of its advantages. L'Aquarelle Heritage paper contain 100% cotton watercolor paper made with internal as well as surface sizing. This paper offers ideal absorbency and superior strength allowing for perfect washes, superior color intensity easy lifting and balanced open wet time. Available in 140# hot, cold and rough pressed surfaces.

NEW! 25% OFF FastMatte Alkyd Oil Color
With Gamblin FastMatte Alkyd Oil Colors, oil painters can take their paintings further, faster than ever before.
Thin layers will be touch-dry and ready to be painted over in 24-hours
Colors dry to a matte surface with a beautiful tooth and deep, soft luster
FastMatte colors are compatible with their painting mediums and traditional oil colors.
For more info click on the photo.

20% OFF 20% OFF 20% OFF Awagami Editioning Papers
These fine papers are crafted at the Awagami Paper Mill in Japan, with the artistry and knowledge of 300 years of papermaking. The papers are made with traditional Japanese fibers such as kozo and gampi, as well as other fibers such as bamboo and cotton. Fibers are skillfully combined to make paper with highly unique textures and expressive characteristics. All of the papers in this collection feature 4 feathery deckle edges that add subtle refinement to finished work.
Awagami papers are acid-free, archival, and made with strict attention to quality and preservation. All of the papers in the series may be used by artists for a wide range of techniques from ink to printmaking to drawing to watercolor.

NEW! 40% OFF L'Aquarelle CANSON Heritage Watercolor Blocks and Pads
L'Aquarelle Heritage blocks and pads contain 100% cotton watercolor paper made on a traditional cylinder mold machine with internal as well as surface sizing. This paper offers ideal absorbency and superior strength allowing for perfect washes, superior color intensity easy lifting and balanced open wet time. Each pad contains 12 sheets. Blocks contain 20 sheets of paper with four glued edges to prevent buckling. Available in 140# hot, cold and rough pressed surfaces.

SALE $5.95 per sheet Fabriano Watercolor Paper
This extra white paper is synthetically sized both internally and externally so that no animal by-products are used. Fabriano's Artistico papers are mould-made of 100% cotton and are acid-free/pH neutral and chlorine-free. Papers are luxurious yet durable and can handle lifting and scraping without compromising their integrity. Suitable for all water media, printmaking, digital printing, charcoal, pastel, and other drawing applications. Available in 140# cold and hot press. Reg. price $10.50. Sale $5.95

Sennelier Oil Pastels
In 1949, Parisian painter Henri GOETZ approached Henri SENNELIER the famous artist materials manufacturer, about creating a wax colour stick for his friend - Pablo PICASSO. Picasso, a long-time Sennelier customer and a frequent visitor to their store across the street from the Louvre museum, was looking for a medium that could be used freely on a variety of surfaces without fading or cracking.
Their collaboration produced the incomparable SENNELIER oil pastels. Click on the picture to the left and watch the video. Although in French, the images speak volumes.

NEW! WaterMedia Panels 40% Off
American Easel has taken their fabulous birch panels and applied a specially formulated ground that acts like watercolor paper. Our watercolor teacher Becki Hesedahl tried one out and loves them. The WATERMEDIA treatment was created to work beautifully with all watercolors. This absorbent surface lifts easily, allows layering, and can be sketched on directly. No prep work is needed however if the artist chooses, this durable and lightly textured ground can be sanded to be more like hot press paper. When protected with a spray varnish, there is no need to mount behind glass. Made in Salem. Now in stock at 40% off!

Choose between Gamblin Artist Oil Colors OR the even more affordable Gamblin 1980 Oil Colors.

New Princeton Select Artiste Brushes
These affordable brushes comes in every shape you can think of. The quality is high for the price point and we are carrying the full line. Best for acrylic or watercolor paint and some oil applications.

PaperBlank Books - The Gift Everyone Loves!
PaperBlank books are known for their beautiful covers and quality paper. They make great gifts! Available in 5 sizes lined or unlined.

NEW! $9.99 Wood Panel Super Value Packs
These value-priced, super value packs of double-sided, uncradled wood panels allow artists to bring the strength and beauty of wood into their work for a fraction of the cost of a heavier cradled wood panel. The smooth birch wood surface is great for traditional painting and drawing, as well as mounting, mixed media work, encaustic, model making and craft use, while the 5mm MDF core adds strength and resists warping. The number of panels per pack varies by size.

NEW! Medium W
by Schmincke
Make any oil paint water-mixable! Mix one part Medium W to two parts oil color to increase gloss and transparency of oils, balance drying and wash brushes with water instead of organic solvents, such as turpentine or paint thinner. This is a low odor, non-toxic alternative to traditional oil painting mediums and solvents, and is compatible with most oil colors. Available in the Medium W liquid medium and jellylike Medium W Gel.

Blue Q Bags
These are the worlds greatest recycled bags. Made from 95% post consumer material. They come in coin, pen & pencil, bigger pen & pencil, messenger, and shoppers. They are designed with pockets to hold the things we carry today including keys, phones, ipads and of course art supplies! The little bags organize the big bags. Plus they have the most awesome designs and we have a ton of them.

Magazines are Back!
Need a little inspiration at a small price? Pick up an art magazine. We are just starting to receive our shipments of 6 different titles.
The Artist Magazine
Watercolor Artist
The Pastel Journal
Acrylic Artist
Artists & Makers

NEW Akua Intaglio and Liquid Pigment Inks


Akua Intaglio's soy-based formulation offers unmatched working properties – it will not skin over in the jar or dry on the printmaking plate and cleans up easily with soap and water. Excellent for Intaglio/Etching, Monotype, Relief and Collagraph printmaking. Available in 27 beautiful colors. Akua Liquid Pigment Inks are exceptionally strong, yet transparent-ideal for mult-layering. Their extended open time allows for convenience in working. Use for Monotype Brushwork, Japanese Woodcut and Drawing or for tinting Akua Intaglio and other inks.

NEW! 40% off DaVinci Brushes!
DaVinci Impasto Top Acryl Brush: Extra strong and stiff for Acrylics and Oils. This brush is perfect for using with texture gels and pastes. It is the "elastic painting knife brush"
DaVinci Cosmotopspin Brush:
These hand made brushes are our favorite watercolor brush. Although they are synthetic, they perform like natural hair. Their long-lasting, high quality fibers have an energetic spring and they hold more water than any other synthetic.

NEW Solvent-Free Painting Materials
More possibilities. Less compromise.
Gamblin’s Solvent-Free Gel and Solvent-Free Fluid Medium painting mediums, both crafted from American-grown soybean and safflower oils, increase the flow of oil colors and moderately speed drying. Solvent-Free Gel retains marks and texture more readily than our Solvent-Free Fluid medium.
For cleaning brushes during solvent-free painting sessions, we recommend Gamblin Safflower Oil. When used as a painting medium, Gamblin Safflower oil will increase flow and slow drying.
Made in Portland, Oregon!

NEW! Watch Parts
Look for the packages of Watch Parts. Use them in your assemblages, altered art, or any other kind of mixed media project!

NEW! Wax Seal Sets & Single Wax Sticks
Add the elegant touch of a wax seal to those special letters, secret messages, and invitations! The sets are available with different seal designs and colored waxes. Already have a seal? Now stocking the refill single wax sticks.

Molskine Journals, Sketch, Watercolor, Grid, Reporter, Ruled, and more.
Art Department is fully stocked on these quality little journals.

NEOCOLOR I -- New at Art Department, these highly pigmented wax crayons are NOT your childs color crayons. Use them alone, as a resist, or draw over encaustics or dry cold wax for detail.
NEOCOLOR II -- A long time favorite, these versatile water-soluble crayons are luscious dry or wet. You can scrape into them dry or blend them together with a wet brush. Plus, they have a high lightfast rating to boot.
NEOPASTEL -- We have never seen such an array of color intensity in an oil pastel. The sticks contain permanent artist pigments and are supremely smooth and blendable.

40% OFF Princeton Oil & Acrylic Brushes
Artist's quality brushes come in a variety of shapes. Their stiff yet soft tapered tips lend more control than less expensive brushes. Treat yourself, you and your paintings deserve the best!

All 358 colors of Copic Sketch Markers are in stock at the new everyday sale price of $5.50 each! These markers have replaceable nibs and the ink is refillable. Click the picture to find out more about these awesome pens.

40% OFF WOOD CRADLED PANELS - Now Stocking New Sizes!
Made in Salem by American Easel, these panels are constructed of a smooth solid poplar wood 1 5/8” cradle (frame around the back) for strength and rigidity and a top quality birch wood face. The company uses locally grown and sustainable materials from Pacific Northwest mills that have a vested interest in preserving the forests for future generations. We love these!
Many of our customers are turning them over and using them as frames.

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