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APRIL 1st, 5:00pm -7:30pm. Meet your friends at Art Department and make a night of it. We will be open a little later this Wednesday.

April Artist of the Month
As an abstract artist, I strive to make art with a bit of drama and emotion seeping through the layers of colored texture. I hope you can see the feelings I had when creating each piece.
This is why I enjoy designing abstract landscapes and nonobjective art. My paintings are inspired from compositions Ive seen in nature, old buildings, shadows, even cracks in the road. My camera and sketch book go with me everywhere and I capture ideas daily from unusual places.
My studio is on our quiet 100 year old family farm in Oregon where my husband and I live. I paint daily and over the past several years my paintings have sold to collectors across the U.S. and Internationally.

20% Off Winsor & Newton
30% Daniel Smith
30% Qor
40% Off M. Graham
Since spring seems to have already arrived it's time to get out there and paint whats blooming! To help you towards that goal, we have some terrific pricing on all our open stock single tubes of artist quality watercolor paint! Use the best paint - Get the best results!

40% Off All Canvas Panels!
Looking for a super inexpensive surface to paint on that is still archival? These portable panels are made of primed cotton canvas wrapped around an acid-free, recycled paper board core. Available in 30 sizes. Discounted prices range from $.71 for a 4"x4" to $10.49 for a 20"x30"

$1.99 each Colorline Paper Sheets!
by Canson
Heavy weight drawing paper with a fine tooth surface. These big fade-resistant 19"x25" sheets are great for colored pencil, charcoal, pastel and tempera. Perfect for signs, collages, school and craft projects as well.

25% Off All 18"x24"
Paper Pads
Including Drawing, Sketching, Watercolor, and Newsprint.

CLEARANCE 50% Off and more!
Don't forget to check out our CLEARANCE endcap each time you visit Art Department. Great deals on discontinued, one of a kind, or slightly damaged art supplies! The stock is forever changing and going down in price.

Molskine Journals, Sketch, Watercolor, Grid, Reporter, Ruled, and more.
Art Department is fully stocked on these quality little journals.

NEOCOLOR I -- New at Art Department, these highly pigmented wax crayons are NOT your childs color crayons. Use them alone, as a resist, or draw over encaustics or dry cold wax for detail.
NEOCOLOR II -- A long time favorite, these versatile water-soluble crayons are luscious dry or wet. You can scrape into them dry or blend them together with a wet brush. Plus, they have a high lightfast rating to boot.
NEOPASTEL -- We have never seen such an array of color intensity in an oil pastel. The sticks contain permanent artist pigments and are supremely smooth and blendable.

You can't go wrong with one of these. These beautiful handmade certificates can be for any denomination and used on one or multiple visits towards merchandise or classes with no expiration date.

Bring a smile to someones face, remember us for stocking stuffers and Gag Gifts! Ton's of funny, insulting, crazy little things like the full size Inflatable Turkey, Bacon Bandages, Instant British Accent Spray, and of course the classic extending Freeloader Fork. Check it out!

NEW Winsor & Newton Water Colour Markers
These markers deliver precision and control and are compatible with all W & N watercolors and mediums. Their lightfast formulation offers optimal performance, transparency and brightness. Each twin-tip marker has a flexible brush tip on one end and a fine point tip on the other end. Once a drawing is made with markers, it can then be transformed into a watercolor painting by applying water with a brush. The sooner water is applied, the better the resulting washes will be. Colors can be mixed either on the paper or on a palette. All sets on sale, see our Holiday Gift Guide above.

40% OFF Princeton Oil & Acrylic Brushes
Artist's quality brushes come in a variety of shapes. Their stiff yet soft tapered tips lend more control than less expensive brushes. Treat yourself, you and your paintings deserve the best!

All 358 colors of Copic Sketch Markers are in stock at the new everyday sale price of $5.50 each! These markers have replaceable nibs and the ink is refillable. Click the picture to find out more about these awesome pens.

40% OFF WOOD CRADLED PANELS - Now Stocking New Sizes!
Made in Salem by American Easel, these panels are constructed of a smooth solid poplar wood 1 5/8 cradle (frame around the back) for strength and rigidity and a top quality birch wood face. The company uses locally grown and sustainable materials from Pacific Northwest mills that have a vested interest in preserving the forests for future generations. We love these!
Many of our customers are turning them over and using them as frames.

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