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Jami Faith
March 26, 2017, Sunday, 12:30-3:30pm
Try this fun beginners class that is suitable for all ages. Learn how to create fabulous artwork as you discover a variety of ways to use your colored pencils. Explore stippling, layering, hatching, cross-hatching, sgraffito and more. Try out different types of paper as well as brands of pencils. You may discover a new favorite. After some experimentation, you will play with these new found skills and apply your knowledge to create a fun piece in class. Small supply list.

Tending Your Artistic JourneyTending Your Artistic JourneyTending Your Artistic Journey
Cynthia Herron
April 1, 2017, Saturday, 1-4 (New Class)
Do hurdles prevent you from reaching your creative goals? Tend your inner artist through a series of insightful collage, drawing and writing exercises that will leave you with a clear understanding of how to work around pitfalls and inspire your artistic journey. Supply List.

Jami Faith
April 2, 2017, Sunday, 12:30-4:30pm
Here’s a fun beginners class that’s suitable for all ages. Students will learn about and play with a variety of water soluble pencils. Try different looks such as watercolor, sumi, and even the more concentrated color look that mimics acrylics. Learn about other tools you can use with watercolor pencils as well. After exploring all the methods of this versatile medium, apply your knowledge and new skills to create a fun piece in class. Small supply list.

COLORED PENCIL: Expand Your Color KnowledgeCOLORED PENCIL: Expand Your Color Knowledge
Jami Faith
April 3 - 24, 2017, Mondays, 6 - 8pm
Expand your color theory as you hone your skills using colored pencils. Each two hour class consists of one hour of technical skills and one hour of creatively using what you have just learned in the previous hour. In this 4 week class, Jami will provide templates to speed the process of learning about color. You will explore color mixing by making a color chart to see how various colors look layered together so as to avoid the muddy look. Learn how color choices affect each other when used side by side. What does ultramarine blue look like next to crimson red, canary yellow, and apple green? As well as brush up on color theory including analogous, monochromatic, complementary, and triad color schemes. Supply list.

Transparent Watercolor Basics Beginning and IntermediateTransparent Watercolor Basics Beginning and IntermediateTransparent Watercolor Basics Beginning and Intermediate
Becki Hesedahl
April 11 - May 2, 2017, Tuesdays, 6-8:30 pm
Are you curious about painting in watercolor? Or do you have some experience and want to go deeper into this amazing medium? Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate painter, this two and a half hour class will lead you step by step from the beginning of your painting to the completion of a painting each week. Class time will include demos, instruction, handouts, some homework and lots of encouragement! We will have a new painting subject in each of the four weeks. This class is for those with little or no experience using watercolors and those with more experience wanting to learn more.
Beginners: This is a sampler session for those interested in exploring the medium. In this class you will learn the basics of transparent watercolor and have fun doing it! You will learn to create color wheels using basic pigments, mixing your own colors, learn the basic strokes and techniques and simple composition. Using photographs you will complete a painting each week. Basic drawing experience is helpful but not necessary.
Intermediate: You already know the basics from above. You want to learn more. We will go deeper into properties of various pigments, papers, tools, how to get certain effects, design and composition and what makes a good painting. You will compose your own paintings using subject matter of your choosing. Basic drawing skills are necessary. Supply list.

Finding Your Vision with Oil & Cold WaxFinding Your Vision with Oil & Cold WaxFinding Your Vision with Oil & Cold Wax
Nancy Eng
April 13 - May 4, 2017, Thursdays, 1 - 3:30pm
In this class you will learn the basics of using oil & cold wax. We will create and finish five paintings using layers and simple textures. You will learn to do quick thumb nail sketches to create simple basic landscape compositions that we will use in your paintings. Also, why some landscape designs work and why some do not. This class is useful for both beginners and more seasoned artists. New techniques for those repeating the class. Supply List.

Ulan Moore
April 19 - June 7, 2017, Wednesdays,
8 weeks, 1:30 - 4:30pm
Learn the techniques and methods of oil painting. This class is for both beginning and more experienced painters. Oil painting has been in use for centuries and the methods for producing a quality painting has changed very little with the exception of pigments and other artists tools. This class will focus on the entire process of oil painting from start to finish. Using various exercises, students will learn fundamental and advanced techniques through instructor demonstrations and direct application of traditional and modern methods. Repeat students are welcome, instructor will work with students based on their current skill level and individual needs. Topics covered include setting up to paint, the proper tools and their uses, surface preparation, blocking in, paint handling and color mixing. Students will learn the importance of value and edges, as well as techniques on how to finish a painting. Supply list.

Jo Hockenhull
April 22 & 23, 2017, Saturday & Sunday, 10am - 4pm (1 hour lunch)
Come spend two days creating rich drypoint intaglio prints using traditional techniques and contemporary materials. With the help of a roller etching press you will discover the unique qualities that only a print can achieve. During this process you will work from your own drawings, photos, collages, or work more experimentally to develop an abstract composition. Drypoint is a method of incising lines, patterns, shapes and textures directly into the surface of an acrylic plate with a diamond point scribe. The resulting image is inked, and transferred to paper when run through the press.
On day 2, you will learn various approaches to adding color. All printing is done with soy-based, water-soluble inks. Plenty of printing time will be possible as two etching presses will be provided. All materials are non-toxic. This class is suitable for all skill levels. Please arrive on time for critical instruction. Supply list.

Portraits in Colored PencilPortraits in Colored Pencil
Jami Faith
May 1 - 22, 2017, Mondays, 6-8pm
Building on our knowledge of creating portraits, we will add color to the mix with colored pencil. First creating skin tone and hair color charts to see how the pencils mix, then using the gradation/layering technique we will render realistic skin tones and hair, as well as the facial parts (eyes, ears, mouth, nose). Participants will learn to breath life into their portraits. Supply list.

LECTURE/DEMO “Printmaking with GOLDEN Acrylics”  - Stress FreeLECTURE/DEMO “Printmaking with GOLDEN Acrylics”  - Stress FreeLECTURE/DEMO “Printmaking with GOLDEN Acrylics” - Stress Free
Corrine Loomis Dietz
May 11, 2017, Thursday, 6-8pm
Something for artists of any level. Even if you don’t think you are interested in printmaking, you come away from this Lecture with many new ideas and a better understanding of what GOLDEN products can do.

Join us for an in-depth lecture and demonstration of Printmaking techniques using GOLDEN Acrylics. Using repeated images as a theme, we will show you many stress free printmaking techniques, no fancy press required. We provide an overview of the many surfaces available for printing, as well as the array of GOLDEN Acrylic Paints that are suitable for making multiple prints. OPEN, the new acrylic that stays wet for extended periods of time is the perfect match. This lecture doesn’t stop at the print. We also cover additive and subtractive processes, using High Flow and Fluorescent colors for printing and enhancing finished prints, and using GOLDEN Grounds and Gels for watercolor washes, relief prints, and collagraphs. Attendees leave with new creative possibilities and ideas for small prints, greeting cards, journaling, fabric applications, as well as techniques for larger professional applications. Registered attendees will receive a selection of the products discussed to take home and explore the breadth and depth of GOLDEN’s professional product line. Seating is limited, call to register.

Extreme Wet Paint in Motion - Creativity, Control & the Wash Extreme Wet Paint in Motion - Creativity, Control & the Wash Extreme Wet Paint in Motion - Creativity, Control & the Wash
Corrine Loomis Dietz
June 3, 2017, Saturday 10 - 3 PM
Do you love the flow of color off your brush? Are you a watermedia painter who desires a creative jumpstart or needs new definition? This workshop will explore rich and textured grounds and paints well suited for washes using GOLDEN High Flow & Fluid Acrylics. Come and experiment with seductive granulating and staining pigments! In this wet media workshop you will unleash the flow of color and methods to extend and enhance the surface action. Learn techniques for brilliant washes, pours and splatters. Lifting color and media resists will be employed for unusual techniques. This is an opportunity to investigate a range of paints, mediums, gels and grounds to paint fresh!
Please bring a 9" x 12" pad of paper suitable for Watercolor or Acrylic. suggestions: Strathmore Mixed Media , a Strathmore 400 series Mixed Media Pad, or a Canson Heavy Mixed Media Pad. All other supplies included.



  • By phone: Call Art Department at 503-364-7465 during business hours, registration requires a Visa or MasterCard payment.
  • In person: You are welcome to register at Art Department during business hours.

Students must pre-register and pay the full amount to reserve a space in the desired class or workshop. Minimum enrollment must be met to make a class a “go”. So to avoid disappointment, please register early!

Class will be cancelled three business days prior to the first day of the first class IF the student minimum is not met.

REFUND POLICY: If a class is cancelled due to low enrollment or other unforeseen circumstances, a full refund will be given. Withdrawals made more than five days prior to the first class session, will be issued a full refund minus a $10 registration processing fee. Withdrawals made five days or less, prior to the first class session, will NOT be refunded or credited.


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