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Beginning DrawingBeginning Drawing
Cynthia Herron
July 8-29, 2015, Wednesdays, 4 weeks, 6-8:30pm
This class will provide a continuing foundation to learn the fundamentals of representational drawing. In this 4-week class, we will learn the basics of measuring and sighting, chiaroscuro, perspective and composition using ink washes and charcoal. This class will emphasize line work as well as value. Expect to see your skills improve, and be able to draw whatever you see! All levels of experience are welcome. Subject matter includes photographs and still-life arrangements. Each evening will include examples, working time and critiques. For those who are repeating the class there will be new techniques and subject matter. Supply list.

1. Sighting and proportion; bring 5Ē Ė 7Ē object from home
2. chiaroscuro and capturing form with shading; charcoal
3. continue with still life: realism
4. linear perspective with pen and ink

July 12, 2015, Sunday, 12:30-3:30pm
Hereís a fun beginners class thatís suitable for all ages. Students will learn about and play with a variety of water soluble pencils. Try different looks such as watercolor, sumi, and even the more concentrated color look that mimics acrylics. Learn about other tools you can use with watercolor pencils as well. After exploring all the methods of this versatile medium, apply your knowledge and new skills to create a fun piece in class. Small supply list.

Robin Christy Humelbaugh
July 14, 2015, Tuesday, 10am - 3pm, (lunch break)
Expand your horizons and break away from traditional watercolor techniques. We will be working both inside and outside on these painting ventures. In the morning we will we will prepare surfaces and prep for the afternoon of painting and completing our pieces. Itís all about experimentation and process. Lets get messy and loosen up! This July class will concentrate on textures, identifying rough, smooth, flowing, etc, spaces. The images will come from observing some of the old buildings in the area and even the pavement, both large elements and small and personal visions of remembered places and things. We will also celebrate color in unconventional ways. This class is good for anyone who loves to do things a bit outside of their comfort zone. There is no wrong or right, there is only celebration of individual vision as it appears on the paper. Anyone, beginners and even young people 10 and up can learn and play in this class. Robin will direct and help identify each painters strengths and help map a good composition. Supply list.

July 17- August 7, Fridays, 10am - noon
This 4 week series will allow you to build and hone your skills with colored pencils. Each week we will dig deeper into at least two techniques, experiencing and experimenting with the pencils. In addition, you will create your own color reference charts for future use, work on samples, and create a finished piece. Come explore the many joys of this versatile medium and discover a stronger sense of personal style. Suitable for all levels. Ages 12 to 92. (Pictures are from previous students work.) Supply list.

Intermediate / Advanced Figure Drawing Master Class
Ian Factor
July 18 & 19, 2015, Saturday & Sunday,10:00am-4:00pm (1hour break)
$130 + $20 model fee
This course will provide an in-depth exploration of fundamental through advanced techniques and approaches for figure drawing from life. In this 2 day master class, students will briefly review the basic structure, construction and proportions of the human figure before focusing on the body as a dynamic, ever-moving, totally integrated rhythmic force. Students will apply measuring and sighting skills to describe the human machine in accurate and expressive ways while developing heightened skills for quickly perceiving and rendering the subtle underlying structural, muscular and energetic connections within every posture. Graphite, compressed and vine (willow) charcoal will be used. Intermediate and advanced technical applications will be introduced with a focus on quicker more expressive mark making. Previous figure drawing experience is not required but suggested, and all students must have at least a basic level of drawing experience, such as a beginning drawing class or self guided study. The weekend will include examples of other artistís drawings, plenty of working time and critiques. Handouts and diagrams will also be supplied by the instructor. This course is taught with the individual in mind, hence there will be a focus on one-on-one time and crits as well as group discussion and demos. Note: Model will be partially clothed in spandex / leotard due to store open hours. Supply List.

Zentangle® MandalasZentangle® Mandalas
Heidi Depue
July 25, 2015, Saturday, 1-4pm
The balance and symmetry of Mandala designs with their mood of peace and calmness are a perfect match for the meditative aspect of Zentangle practice. In This class, you will learn various methods of constructing a Mandala, from using a compass and protractor to using templates and free-hand methods. We will explore new patterns which are particularly suited to drawing Mandalas. Prerequisite: Zentangle 1 or instructor permission. Small supply list.

COLORED PENCIL: Expand Your Color KnowledgeCOLORED PENCIL: Expand Your Color Knowledge
Jami Moffett
August 10 - 31, 2015, Mondays, 6 - 8pm
Expand your color theory as you hone your skills using colored pencils. Each two hour class consists of one hour of technical skills and one hour of creatively using what you have just learned in the previous hour. In this 4 week class, Jami will provide templates to speed the process of learning about color. You will explore color mixing by making a color chart to see how various colors look layered together so as to avoid the muddy look. Learn how color choices affect each other when used side by side. What does ultramarine blue look like next to crimson red, canary yellow, and apple green? As well as brush up on color theory including analogous, monochromatic, complementary, and triad color schemes. Supply list.

Heidi Depue
August 22, 2015, Saturday, 12-4:30pm (1/2 hour break)

Add a new dimension to your Zentangle images by incorporating color. You will learn a variety of techniques using various mediums such as watercolor, markers, and colored pens and pencils. In addition, you will learn and practice several new patterns. Supply List. Prerequisite: Zentangle 1 or instructor permission. Check out Heidiís website:

Watercolor on Alternative SurfacesWatercolor on Alternative SurfacesWatercolor on Alternative Surfaces
Robin Christy Humelbaugh
August 23, 2015, Sunday, 1-4pm
Take your painting to a new level by exploring the world of surfaces beyond watercolor paper. In this class we will prepare various papers, plastics and wood to accept watercolor. Experience the different effects you can get with various supports. Because we are using different surfaces, some of which can be wiped off and used again, this is a great class for beginners and experienced painters alike. The techniques used, involve letting the paint itself dictate some of the composition as it flows on the surface. The yupo and gessoed surfaces especially allow for easy wiping and lifting. Florals and landscapes are especially suited for this class. Supply list.

Ann Kresge
September 12, 2015, Saturday,
10am- 4pm
Tunnel books are the oldest form of sculptural books. In this one day, hands-on workshop students will create this 3 dimensional book form which has unlimited possibilities! Participants will learn bookmaking skills: concertina folding, gluing, planning a book around a concept, trying ideas and creating a finished tunnel book to take home. Media possibilities will include: drawing, painting, printmaking, Xerox and collage. Tunnel books create a stage and tell a story. Possible themes will include landscapes, interior spaces, or transforming shapes. Supply list.

Beginning-Intermediate Oil PaintingBeginning-Intermediate Oil PaintingBeginning-Intermediate Oil Painting
Cynthia Herron
October 6-27,2015, Tuesdays, 1-4pm
Learn to translate what you see from a still life into oil paint. Develop skills in composition, color mixing, proportion, edges and chiaroscuro shading. More experienced painters will face additional challenges of rendering glass and reflective surfaces as well as matching complex colors and textures. The classes will include examples, short lectures, demonstrations, and plenty of working time to complete one finished painting. Students choose between water-mixable oil, or traditional oil paints. Supply list.



  • By phone: Call Art Department at 503-364-7465 during business hours, registration requires a Visa or MasterCard payment.
  • In person: You are welcome to register at Art Department during business hours.

Students must pre-register and pay the full amount to reserve a space in the desired class or workshop. Minimum enrollment must be met to make a class a “go”. So to avoid disappointment, please register early!

Class will be cancelled three business days prior to the first day of the first class IF the student minimum is not met.

REFUND POLICY: If a class is cancelled due to low enrollment or other unforeseen circumstances, a full refund will be given. Withdrawals made more than five days prior to the first class session, will be issued a full refund minus a $10 registration processing fee. Withdrawals made five days or less, prior to the first class session, will NOT be refunded or credited.


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