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EXPANDING ON COLORED PENCILS using personal imageryEXPANDING ON COLORED PENCILS using personal imageryEXPANDING ON COLORED PENCILS using personal imagery
Jam Moffett
June 6-27, 2016, Mondays, 6-8pm
In this four evening class, learn to get the most out of your colored pencils as we expand your skills in using this very versatile medium. At the beginning of each class Jami will review a technique or two and then, using your own pictures as reference, Jami will guide you individually through the drawings that you want to make. Develop your colored pencil skills while receiving tips and guidance on color choices, composition, and other techniques. Students should have taken a beginner class in colored pencil techniques or have the equivalent in experience. (Pictures shown are of student work.) Supply list.

A Mixed Media Lecture Demo -- GOLDEN AcrylicsA Mixed Media Lecture Demo -- GOLDEN AcrylicsA Mixed Media Lecture Demo -- GOLDEN Acrylics
Corrine Loomis Dietz
June 23, 2016, Thursday, 6-8pm
(must call to register for samples and a seat)

This demo packs a ton of valuable information about acrylic paint systems, guiding you through the basics while opening up new possibilities.

Acrylics are infinitely more versatile than any other paint system- ideal for mixed media explorations, printmaking and collage! You will see many examples layering, painting, pouring, textural applications and wash techniques.

Corrine will demonstrate the properties of GOLDEN pigments as she introduces the four viscosities of paint: “high flow”, “fluid”, “OPEN” & “heavy body” acrylics. Discover the many tools for mixed media applications, from brushes, stencils, markers, pens and palette knives.

Get a grip on the many gels and mediums and their uses: develop textures, control color saturation, adhesive for collage, layering, or constructing the faux encaustic. Visually investigate the options of photo image transfer as Corrine presents both the direct transfer and the photo skin.

Another important aspect of a mix media investigation is surfacing and the “Grounds” for drawing. Fine Pumice Gel, Coarse Molding Paste, Acrylic Ground for Pastel and Matte medium all provide the tooth to grab soft pastel, graphite, charcoal and the like! Marbleizing, splatters, salts, drips and pours are great foundations for continued drawing, painting or collage.

High Flow acrylics can go from brush to marker or from dip pen to airbrush and more. From fine lines to broad strokes, High Flow has an ink-like consistency that lends itself to a wide range of techniques, including staining, leveling, calligraphy, and mixed media.

OPEN Acrylics remain wet far longer than other acrylics, offering a dramatically relaxed set of working properties that facilitate blending, shading, glazing.

Discover the options using OPEN for monotype, block prints silkscreen.

Many GOLDEN Gels, Pastes and Paints make great surfaces for dry and wet media such as pencil, pen & ink, pastels, markers, charcoal and watercolors.

This event will explore both the control and freedom to create!

Colored Pencil BasicsColored Pencil Basics
Jami Moffett
July 23, 2016, Saturday, 10:30am - 4pm (½ hour lunch break)
This class will give you a good foundation on which to build your knowledge of and skills for colored pencils. Learn the techniques of blending, burnishing, impressed line and so much more. There has been a revival of Adult Coloring Books lately. Learn several ways to use your pencils to jazz up those books! Or start a lifelong love for colored pencils and learn all the wonderful "looks" you can get with this versatile medium. All ages and skill levels welcome. Supply list.

Learning the Basics for Watercolor PencilsLearning the Basics for Watercolor Pencils
Jami Moffett
July 30, 2016, Saturday, 10:30am - 4pm (½ hour lunch break)
This one day class will guide you in all the many ways you can apply watercolor pencils,and the various looks you can achieve. Learn how to make the pencil flow like standard watercolor, how to get tight details, and how to get the soft look of Japanese Sumi painting. You'll also get a chance to try the unique surface of Yupo paper. Build your skill level, gain information and receive guidance to take home with you to advance your artistic endeavors.This is a fun medium to "play" with and learn. Supply list.

Jo Hockenhull
September 17 & 18, 2016, Saturday & Sunday, 10am - 4pm (1 hour lunch)
Come spend two days creating rich drypoint intaglio prints using traditional techniques and contemporary materials. With the help of a roller etching press you will discover the unique qualities that only a print can achieve. During this process you will work from your own drawings, photos, collages, or work more experimentally to develop an abstract composition. Drypoint is a method of incising lines, patterns, shapes and textures directly into the surface of an acrylic plate with a diamond point scribe. The resulting image is inked, and transferred to paper when run through the press.
On day 2, you will learn various approaches to adding color. All printing is done with soy-based, water-soluble inks. Plenty of printing time will be possible as two etching presses will be provided. All materials are non-toxic. This class is suitable for all skill levels. Please arrive on time for critical instruction. Supply list.

Exploring with Oil PastelsExploring with Oil PastelsExploring with Oil Pastels
Jane Aukshunas
November 5 & 6, 2016, Saturday & Sunday, 10am - 3pm
Enjoy playing with the luscious texture and versatility of oil pastel. Join Jane Aukshunas in this 2-day workshop to explore the many ways oil pastels can adapt to each individual’s means of expression. We’ll experiment with a variety of surfaces and grounds to change the way oil pastels behave, and use tools for different effects. We will look into how oil pastel mixes with other media such as watercolor, India ink, colored pencils and acrylics. This class is about exploration, and it is suitable for both beginners and those more experienced. The goal is to become better acquainted with the medium and become comfortable in using it as a tool in developing your own personal artistic vision. Please bring some resource imagery that inspires you. Supply list.



  • By phone: Call Art Department at 503-364-7465 during business hours, registration requires a Visa or MasterCard payment.
  • In person: You are welcome to register at Art Department during business hours.

Students must pre-register and pay the full amount to reserve a space in the desired class or workshop. Minimum enrollment must be met to make a class a “go”. So to avoid disappointment, please register early!

Class will be cancelled three business days prior to the first day of the first class IF the student minimum is not met.

REFUND POLICY: If a class is cancelled due to low enrollment or other unforeseen circumstances, a full refund will be given. Withdrawals made more than five days prior to the first class session, will be issued a full refund minus a $10 registration processing fee. Withdrawals made five days or less, prior to the first class session, will NOT be refunded or credited.


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