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Masquepen & Supernib Set - Pen & a Bottle of Masking Fluid

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Fineline applicators dispense a variety of liquids in a precise, controlled manner. Scroll, write your name, outline or make dots or thin lines with great precision and ease. The special cap/wire system keeps the dispensing tip clog-free allowing the user many new uses of common, familiar liquids. Fluid acrylics and most glues (no cyanoacrylate adhesives) work very well with the Fineline system. Other liquids include inks, gutta, watercolors, fabric paint and ceramic-related liquids. The long dispensing needle tip offers an easy-to-use, non-clogging, unique liquid dispensing system. 

Masking Fluid Combo Basic Set contains a Masking Fluid Pen and a 1.25 oz. bottle of Masking Fluid (MVMP5565), a Supernib Pen with 1" nib and 1.25 oz. of Masking Fluid (MVMP1113), two liquids and two applicators

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