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Paint Like The Masters: An excellent way to learn from those who have much to teach. With FREE Augmented Reality App

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Copying the works of the great painting masters is not a simple exercise in mimicry. It is a formative practice for artists of all levels who desire to make progress in the medium. It is also a valuable tool for art history lovers and students who wish to increase their knowledge of the techniques used in historic paintings.
The trade secrets of the great masters are uncovered in this exhaustive study of 14 of the world's most famous paintings. Both amateur and experienced artists will find hundreds of instructional images, detailed explanations, and additional hints and tips that will enable them to make successful copies or interpretations of classic works of art. Inside three comprehensive sections cover:
  • Learning to Paint by Copying--observing and understanding the techniques, raw materials, and tools used by the great masters
  • Imitating Technique--step-by-step instructions for recreating classics by Monet, Degas, Van Gogh, Cezanne, Vemeer, and others
  • Exploring patinas and finishes--special attention is given to the pigments the masters worked with and finding contemporary equivalents to achieve the illusion of age
    An exciting augmented reality feature allows readers to dive even deeper into the lessons. Using a smartphone, computer, or tablet, readers can scan and print the original paintings, watch videos demonstrating technique, and access further examples of similar styles. An ideal reference for anyone who wishes to reproduce distinct pictorial styles or gain a deeper understanding of great paintings. 
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